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ミュージカル黒執事―「地に燃えるリコリス」 ③

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Reminder: This is not cosplay. This is the official musical cast for Lycoris that Blazes the Earth.

Karasuno High’s Nishinoya Yuu: The Guardian Deity 
GOM + kasamatsu + kiyoshi + kagami are alone with their crush on the couch watching a movie, they feel like it's the perfect moment to go in for a kiss, but they accidently fart as they reach over. XD



Kuroko, Aomine Murasakibara and Kiyoshi would both awkwardly look at their crush and blame it on something else, “It was the couch?”

Kagami, Kise Midorima and Kasamatsu would be so embarrassed they’d think it was time to leave and never talk to their crush again because they were that embarrassed.

Akashi would apologize claiming it was an accident and probably dying of embarrassment in the inside but not really showing it.


I want to eat here!!!!♡♡♡

How their first kiss be like? (GOM, Nijimura and Kasamatsu)


Kuroko: It’d be quick and gentle; very chaste, and it would leave the both of them satisfied in its simplicity. It would probably happen after a date when the two are about to part ways.

Kise: He’d kiss the other person out of the blue, like maybe when they find themselves alone in a hallway or in the gym. It’d be slow, but very innocent, and would leave them both smiling.

Midorima: His partner would have to make the first move (he couldn’t summon up the courage kiss them on his own yet). It’d be extremely short and even a little clumsy, but a memorable first kiss.

Aomine: He’d probably do it when the both of them are alone together and comfortable, like lying down on a floor/couch/bed or the school’s roof. It’d be slow and passionate, letting his emotions flow through the kiss.

Murasakibara: He’d get the urge to do it when they’re eating food together, and he’d do it without a second thought, just to taste them. It’d be sloooow, but very innocent.

Akashi: Slow and passionate. They’re normally constantly surrounded by people, so finding some time alone was something he didn’t take for granted. It was his first, but for some reason, he was already an expert.

Nijimura: It’d be very quick and to the point; just like him. Since it was his first, though, he wasn’t really an expert, and it was a lot more awkward and clumsy than he’d like to admit.

Kasamatsu: His partner would have to connect their lips when it was the least expected. Quick and chaste as to not overwhelm to poor blushing boy too much (who looked cute as hell, though).





SOMETHING SPICY - Kagami / Kuroko - [KnB drabble(s)]



Rating: PG-13

Warnings: unless your mind is connected to the gutter, you’re fine

Disclaimer: KnB & its boys belong to Fujimaki-sensei

A/N: I worship subtext and obscure meanings (*´ω`)o

                            ♥Something Spicy♥ - [KagamiKuroko]

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KiKaga: the interview
Kise is never embarrassed of saying who he likes.

Killer Whale Lover got a nice ass back. Poor Haru is like “oh my”


Killer Whale Lover got a nice ass back. Poor Haru is like “oh my”